$1 495 4001-Iowa on a Budget 5 day Private Farm/BIG DEER/ $1495 in you don't draw we have Missouri - $1,495 (Grant)

Posted on: 12/07/17



Hunt ID: 4001-IA-MO-S-M-1495-WDeerTurkey-SE3LLRUS-R1IKE-D1D-WithWithoutMealsLodge Note Iowa Whitetail Deer License Application Dates are May 6th-June 4th. Is there a reason that Iowa and Illinois annually put more deer in the record books than any other states or Canadian Province? Yes, there is beginning with managed non-resident license sales, Habitat that is not seasonal. Food sources besides native feeds are Soybeans (30% Protein) Corn 7% Protein) (Alfalfa 7% Protein), adequate water sources, Good limited harvested management, cold winter weather to build the genes to develop into a more bulky animal to protect the future of the species.( Note the boy size of whitetail in Texas vs Alberta Canada. This outfitter has 10,000 acres in Iowa and almost that much in Missouri. If you don’t draw in Iowa then you can hunt the Missouri side of the state line in adjacent counties as Sullivan, Putnam and such, counties that are right against the Iowa line Zone 5, The best zone in the state of Iowa, the top 3 record book bucks were all shot in Zone 5 as conformed by the Iowa state biologist. He said, “Zone 5 isn’t the only good zone in the state but it where I would hunt if I had the opportunity to hunt there. The area is filled with corn, beans, and alfalfa for food sources. The rest of the zone is wood lots to a 60/40 ratio of cover to feed that is the perfect mixture for a healthy, growing deer herd. (Did you know that with a Missouri deer licenses you can take a deer with archery equipment then take a second deer during rifle season on that same license?) Don’t miss this one the outfitter books Missouri very lightly to continue to hold quality animals as it has in the past. This is a 5-day hunt for a discounted price of $ 2395 has been reduced down to only $ 1395. Why the discount? I have never seen so many deer in my life, they can be harvested. Rifle mid-November opening season date and the bucks are in the rut. DISCOUNTED 5 DAY IOWA DEER ANY WEAPON GUIDED AND SEMI GUIDED 10,000 PRIVATE ACRES OF RIVER BOTTOMS WITH CORN AND BEAN FIELDS, ALSO TURKEY. Let us set a schedule where you can hunt premium seasons until you draw. In the inter hunt prime locations in Missouri where the licenses are over the counter and hunting with a high-power rifle until your Iowa points pull you through. Archers take note Missouri is a 2-deer state for archers. With your $225 license, you may shoot 1 buck before the gun season and another after the gun season or 2 after the gun season about the last two weeks of November. In addition, they throw in two free turkey licenses, of course additional doe licenses are also available for $ 40 if you are not a landowner. You won’t go home hungry! It is not uncommon for us to take several 160, 170, and 180 class bucks. Last year we brought in 2 over 200 inch bucks. These areas have been managed for big bucks. If you just want a deer let me know we have places for those. We specialize in giant wall hangers. Approximate Missouri Season dates are: Firearms turkey season dates are: Spring youth season – April 11 and 12 Regular spring season – April 20 through May 10 Fall firearms season – Oct. 1 through 31 Firearms deer season dates are: Urban portion – Oct. 9 through 12 Early youth portion – Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 November portion – Nov. 14 through 24 Antlerless portion – Nov. 25 through Dec. 6 Alternative-methods portion – Dec. 19 through 29 Late youth portion – Jan. 2 and 3 Also since Iowa is a drawing nightmare requiring 3 or more points in some zones, we can book you just across the Iowa boarder in Missouri at 5 different farms. In this way, you get the Iowa point and get to hunt prime deer areas on a $225 license. Keep in mind that the Iowa Gun Season about December 5th is a 50% draw in zone 5 so you could put in for a license and hunt with a shotgun or muzzleloader in Iowa. We can help you with the draw and if you don't draw we will provide you with a discounted hunt on the Missouri side of the Iowa boarder for only $2395, Discounted all the way down to only $ 1395, semi guided, meals, lodging included. In this way, the worse you can do is get an Iowa preference point and a Missouri buck. If you draw the Iowa tag you can use your booking toward lodging and meals in Iowa hunting the whitetail there. It's a win/win opportunity. Also in Missouri, you can also use a rifle instead of a shotgun or muzzleloader! I guess you can say that Missouri is a plan B for hunting but you will have an Iowa point and a Missouri Buck! (See details below regarding Missouri Regulations.) Space is limited for areas for me to do this so I will have a limited number of hunters that I can provide this offer. For these big Iowa Monster whitetail hunters, we have ways to get you a license to get your Iowa dream buck. Iowa is known for their record book bucks; we have a way that you can get a license and hunt this prestigious state for a wall hanger with lodging at a semi- guided price that is 30% of what most outfitter charge. Muzzleloader Requirements “Flintlock or percussion cap muzzleloading rifles or muskets between .44 and .775 caliber shooting single projectiles; muzzleloading pistols .44 caliber or larger with a minimum barrel length of 4 inches and no shoulder stock or long barrel modifications. Muzzleloaders equipped with electronic ignition are not allowed. There are no restrictions on in-line or disk-type muzzleloaders. Riflescopes may also be used.” If we provide meals and lodging it is an additional $ 400 for the 5-day hunt, any weapon, and season, Missouri or Iowa. You will be hunting out of tree stands, ground blinds or other cover at trail crossings between feeding and bedding areas, depending on where out scouting finds the biggest bucks at the time of your hunt. Iowa’s secret to big bucks is high protein feed like Soybeans (30% protein), Corn (7% protein) and alfalfa (7% Protein) for feed, cold weather to naturally cause them to bulk up in nature, and 1 to 2 years’ older average age group than other states, plus a good base of wood lots and other heavy cover for thermo-protection and danger evading cover, along with a high percentage of private land. We have too many bucks and we need to thin the biggest ones so they don’t get pushed off the property by so many bucks in that age class. They will be hunting the shotgun or muzzleloader season. Only 4 spots left and when they are gone they are gone. Deposit made to hold your place and if by unlikely odds you don’t draw deposit will be rolled over for next year when you have a 100% chance of drawing. We also have premium quality land in Missouri just south of the Iowa Boarder. We can put in for Iowa and if you don’t draw you will get a point and then we can book you for Missouri. Hunting whitetail or turkey in Missouri you will be in Putnam County, Russel County and several others in Missouri on the Iowa line. The properties we selected with their deer cover, feed and deer quality in mind. These are separated parcels totaling around 5000 acres across northern Missouri. The properties are pre-scouted so that the deer density and quality of an area is known before you ever step foot on it. The trail cams help to pinpoint specific deer’s movement. The outfitter has lived and hunted in this area all his life he knows whitetails, and he knows how to find them. Hunting

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