Real estate Made Simple - (Grant)

Posted on: 12/31/17


The internet is full of thousands of people's input on how to make money in real estate. Thousands of websites with different information, often conflicting. Sure, you could spend hundreds of hours looking it all up yourself, you can spend thousands of dollars making all of the mistakes and learning the painful lessons; or, you could just get the right education. Everybody needs this education! Courses of study (each made up of six or more 8 Hour classes) include: lease options, fix and flips, short sales, multifamily, commercial real estate, tax liens and deeds, as well as education specific to obtaining and maintaining your wealth, such as tax management and business setup. Every class is taught by a professional who generates 7 figures or more in the discipline that they teach. Classes are online, so you can see them whenever you want, and they are regularly updated to include new information as it comes out. You receive lifetime access to the education, including any new classes that come out. We are a local network of investors who meet regularly and work together so that we can all be successful. This includes property tours, Mastermind workshops, and even playing Cashflow. In-house financing available. To find out more, simply text "SIMPLE", or call 720-314-8787. Or send an email with your name, phone number, and email address. We will not spam you, and you will receive no unsolicited messages.

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