50 000$ Reward - (Grant)

Posted on: 12/24/17


For the arrest and conviction of the authorities in Denver responsible for the use of mind altering substances and gasses March 26 to July 17 last year taking place in Denver city jail. The use of a machine that caused me to see sparkles as well as having tear gassed me while I was sleeping and put rocks in my cereal for having done nothing illegal at all all resulting in the injury of innocent people from the insanity suffered and prolonged torment. Use of physical torture devices which caused permanent feeling loss to my only good hand and humiliation techniques including trying to make me eat with a penis shaped spoon. This is not funny to me. It is in relation to a police involved attempted murder for money case coming through Queen Anne's County. I'm seeking absolute full prosecution on all levels. This investigation was not only started but built illegally after having used the system as a weapon for personal gain over finances pubic records check 7424 Aaron Patrick Thompson Queenstown Maryland. Having done things like ask to use my phone and placed false evidence on it and having made accusations of murder in the courtroom the judge only smiled. I believe this was an internal terroristic network responsible and can probably be linked to other acts of terror in Denver such as the Malvo case.

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