Baseball Basketball Football Cards at Discount Prices - (Denver)

Posted on: 11/29/17



Baseball, Football, and Basketball cards for sale. Several hundreds in inventory and growing at HOMETURFCARDS.COM. All of the card images you see are currently in inventory and ready to ship for FREE. The card images included in this ad are just a sample of our inventory contents. To see our entire inventory with pricing just search "Home Turf Cards". Our store was created in 2014 with a simplistic approach. No account creation is necessary to purchase from us, and all you need to checkout is a Paypal account. Please be mindful as you are browsing our inventory; if you can think of ways we can improve our site, we'd love to hear your ideas. We also entertain all offers on any item in inventory. Simply use our contact form to submit any alternative offers. WE NEGOTIATE! Our sole focus is providing the most value to you, our customer. All items ship for FREE and checkout is simplified, quick, and secure. In addition, all orders of $50 or more include free insurance for peace of mind. Welcome home collectors. We welcome you to HOMETURFCARDS.COM. Shoot us an email...we'd love to hear from you. Happy hunting!

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